• “Don’t Fire Me for My Choice” Oppose H. J. Res. 43

    H. J. Res. 43 is an assault on American citizens’ reproductive health rights and the District of Columbia’s right to govern itself. It contradicts Republican’s professed support for local control and would allow employment discrimination in the District. The D.C. law is consistent with the Free Exercise Clause of the Constitution and the federal Religious Freedom and Restoration Act.
  • Tackling the Student Debt Crisis

    A college education has long been a key to shaping a person’s future in this Country. For generations, a college degree has been a ticket to the middle class. The problem is, that rising costs has put college out of reach for many Americans. Public support has been slashed. Tuition has been skyrocketing. When students and families can’t pay the high price of college, they turn to loans to fill the gap.
  • Freddie Gray

    Ranking Member Elijah E. Cummings discusses the death of Freddie Gray on CNN's New Day.