• Tackling the Student Debt Crisis

    A college education has long been a key to shaping a person’s future in this Country. For generations, a college degree has been a ticket to the middle class. The problem is, that rising costs has put college out of reach for many Americans. Public support has been slashed. Tuition has been skyrocketing. When students and families can’t pay the high price of college, they turn to loans to fill the gap.
  • From Protest to Policy: A Bipartisan Approach to Criminal Justice Reform

    Congressman Elijah E. Cummings, Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, will host and moderate a forum titled “From Protest to Policy: A Bipartisan Approach to Criminal Justice Reform,” which will examine the state of America’s criminal justice system, particularly in relation to communities of color, and discuss bipartisan and bicameral proposals to reform the criminal justice systems at the state and federal levels on Thursday, April 16th.
  • Middle Class Prosperity Project

    A conflict of interest happens when a financial advisor receives backdoor payments and kickbacks for directing their clients into investments that produce lower returns over the course of their lifetime. No one should have to worry that the person advising them on their retirement savings is putting their profits ahead of their clients’ interests. That’s why a strong financial conflict of interest rule is long overdue. It’s time to end conflicted advice and help middle-class families protect the financial future they earned.